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     Johnston AG started with the idea of bringing automotive dreams to life for our clients. It is our belief that true dream cars should be driven, therefore while many of the cars that come out of Johnston AG may look like show cars, each one was designed and built to be driven and enjoyed for years to come. We can handle each and every aspect of your dream car. In order to bring the absolute best to our clients certain aspects of the build may take place outside our facilities. All this is discussed and decided upon during the project planning phase at the start of the project. Using our relationships within the industry our clients can explore an entire world of options from the best the industry has to offer.


New Event Series
The newest event series for 2005 looks to bring more events like NOPI and the XBox Chanllange.
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     This allows us to bring in outside vendors that are top performers in their own fields. We feel it gives the clients more options and a greater sense of involvement in the project as a whole. The staff at Johnston AG handles all arrangements for outside vendors including transportation, scheduling, and quality control. Final assembly is always handled in house and by the highly qualified staff at Johnston AG. Clients work with a dedicated project coordinator from Johnston AG from start to finish, we feel that the client should never have to call to check the progress of their project; it is the job of the project coordinator to manage the vendors, timetables, and keep the client up to date at all times.

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     If you just want to dress up your '04 Honda Civic Hybrid with a simple body kit and exhaust, build a dressed and pressed '69 Camaro with enough technology and comfort to make even a 740 BMW envious, some mild improvements to your '01 Grand Cherokee for serious off-road performance, or how about some serious horsepower and torque gains for that '04 Super Duty. Our goal is the realization of your automotive dreams. We are can handle your performance and restyling needs weather they be mild or full one off restoration. Our goal at Johnston AG is to introduce you to a level of service and quality second to none. If you have a dream car that you always wanted, we have the team to bring it to life.